Title Description
Catch Up Application 2020 Use this form if you wish to take advantage of the Plan's Catch Up provision. 
Amendment to Catch Up 2020 Use this form if you are already in Catch Up and wish to defer from your Final Accrual (SCAT) check. 
Military Catch up Form

Use this form if you were on active duty in the United States military and qualify for military make up deferrals.  Please contact your Board Representative for more info.

Accrual (SCAT) Check Deferral Form Use this form if you wish to defer funds from your Final Accrual (SCAT) check.                
Beneficiary Form  This form is used to designate a beneficiary.
Retired Public Safety Officer Qualified Health Insurance Premium Payment Authorization Form Retired public safety officers are to use this form to withdraw up to $3,000 annually to pay for qualified Health Insurance Premiums or Long Term Care Premiums. Please read Board’s cover letter before submitting your form to T. Rowe Price.
UFE Cover Letter and Fillable Form  U.F.E. application    * Important * Call your Union Representative before using this form.  

Purchase of Service Credits Form Use this form to Purchase Service Credit using funds from your Deferred Comp Account. You must be eligible to purchase service credit.
Participant Maintenance Form Used to update personal information, including address.
Rollover In Form Use this form to roll funds into the Plan from a 401(a) qualified plan (including a 401(k) plan), 403(b) plan, governmental 457(b) plan, or Traditional IRA.

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