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 September 2018  
June 2018   Protect Your Plan Account, Online Enrollment, Retiree Reminders
March 2018 
 New Board Member, Leaving County Service, Military Catch Up, Credits
December 2017  2018 Deferral Limits, New Board Member, PSO Insurance Premium, Fee Disclosure
September 2017  How Much Should I Be Saving, FAQs
 June 2017  New Board Member, Administrative Budget Credit, T. Rowe Price Apps
 March 2017  Investment Updates, Separating from County Service, Quarterly Statements
 December 2016  2017 Deferral Limits, Withdrawing While Still Employed
 September 2016   Your DC Board, Rebalancing your Account
 June 2016  New Board Secretary, Loans, Beneficiaries
 March 2016 2016 Deferral Limits, TRP On Site Visits, New Board Member, Buying Back Time
September 2015 New Board Members, Retirement Trusts and Separating from Service     

 June 2015  Change in Plan Administrator, Change to One Provider and Common Trusts

 March 2015         RFP Update, Greater China Fund closing and RMDs
 March 2014  New Board Member, Updating your Beneficiary, RFP Process and Fund Change on VALIC Line up.        
 December 2013  2014 Deferral Limits, Transferring Assets and IRS Same Sex Marriage Ruling            
 September 2013  Announcing New Board Member, Plan Summary Guide and Beneficiary in a Divorce      
 June 2013  Changes to the fund line up
 March 2013  Announcing new board member, plan changes and website updates.
 December 2012  2013 deferral limits and Loan Information.
September 2012 Announcing New Board Member, Upcoming Changes to Loan Program and Fee Disclosure
June 2012 New Board Representatives; Q&A
March 2012 Target Date Retirement Funds
December 2011 2012 Deferral Limits, Retirement Catch Up, NYS Taxation of Periodic Distribution Payments
September 2011 Summary of Plan Changes
June 2011 Beneficiary Designation, Conservative Investment Options and T.Rowe Price Excessive Trading Policy
March 2011 New Board Member/Percent Deferrals/Separating from County Service/Deferrals from SCAT check
December 2010 Biographies of Board Members
June 2010 RFP process completed, Quarterly Statements, Retirement catch up and Retirement Savings Planning Guide
March 2010 RFP, Moving Money between Providers and Important Deadlines
December 2009 2010 Deferral Limits
June 2009 New Plan Administrator, Lag Payroll and VALIC rebranding
March 2009 2009 Application for catchup and Balance of normal contributions form
December 2008 2009 Annual Deferral Limits and Moving Money Between Providers
September 2008 TRP Developing Tech fund, AIG Retirement Operational Changes, UFE Procedures
March 2008 Biweekly Deferrals, RMD Q&A and Access to Account
October 2007 Legislative plan changes, website updates, and board member changes
June 2007 Web site information regarding enhancements to the site
February 2007 Additions to plan lineup, required minimum distribution, Notice 2007-7
December 2006 Pension Protection Act, 2007 Annual Deferral Limits, Changes in Applic. procedure
September 2006 News on investment advice, Q & A on rollovers, Web Site announcement.
June 2006 Annual deferral limits, investment advice, plan Q & A.
March 2006 T Rowe Price Retirement Fund info and Catch-up Q & A.
December 2005 Replacement funds for both providers and the new line up.
September 2005 Final check deferral rules, board member retires, loan info.
June 2005 New Provider contract features, deferred comp Q & A.
March 2005 Plan overview, features, and enhancements.
December 2004 IRS 05 Limits/Change of Address Procedures / Loan info.
September 2004 More Info on new fund offerings and plan rule changes including loans.
May 2004 Letter from Alan Schneider and a description of new fund offerings.
March 2004 List of all the funds the plan offered.